Ryanair Unveils Record London S2022 Schedule (181 Routes)

Today (2nd Mar), Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, announced its largest ever Summer schedule from its 3 London airports (Gatwick, Luton, and Stansted) with 14 new routes (181 total) to exciting destinations across Europe, including Naples, Madeira, and Stockholm. With over 100 based aircraft for S22, Ryanair’s total investment in the UK amounts to over $10bn, supporting 3,000+ highly paid aviation jobs and over 35,000 indirect jobs across 19 UK airports, driving the UK’s post Covid tourism and jobs recovery.

As all Covid travel restrictions have now been lifted, UK citizens and visitors can now book a well-deserved Summer break enjoying Ryanair’s lowest fares to the widest choice of destinations to the beaches of Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Despite Ryanair’s biggest ever investment, the Govt have missed the opportunity to accelerate the recovery of tourism and jobs for S2022, by delaying the reduction in APD until 2023. If APD was fully (only applies to domestic traffic) and immediately abolished, the UK would enjoy dramatic traffic, jobs and tourism growth, allowing the UK to remain competitive vs other EU competitor destinations who have introduced traffic recovery schemes for post Covid recovery.


Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said:

“We are pleased to announce 14 new routes from our three London airports, Stansted, Luton and Gatwick, as all Covid-19 travel restrictions have now been lifted, UK citizens and visitors can book a well-deserved Summer getaway to exciting destinations such as Helsinki, Madeira and Naples. Ryanair is driving London’s post Covid recovery as we grow across Europe, with new aircraft and new routes.

“Despite launching our biggest ever schedule, the UK Govt failed to support this recovery by delaying the reduction in APD until 2023. Ryanair again calls on the UK Govt to scrap APD completely, to allow airlines and airports to quickly restore traffic, jobs, and tourism. The 50% reduction proposed for 2023 is too little, too late as APD puts UK airports at a severe cost disadvantage versus European competitors, and the absence of Govt support for aviation and tourism recovery creates further barriers to UK traffic and growth.

“To allow our customers and visitors to/from London to book their Summer getaway at the lowest fares, we are launching a 3-day seat sale with fares available from just £19,99 one way for travel until October 2022, which must be booked by Friday the 4th of March. Since these super low fares will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto www.ryanair.com to avoid missing out.”


Burgas Naples
Catania Orebro
Helsinki Stockholm
Lublin Tampere
Maastricht Tangier
Madeira Trapani
Menorca Växjö