Saint George’s rant

We do not have much say in what goes on in our own country these days (thanks to the ship of fools running it at every level), so when I noticed that the St George’s flags that symbolise England were replaced by Union Jacks before and after St George’s day, such that the St George flag only flew for a day (or so it appeared), I asked the question why and finding the answer I thought I can at least have a rant.

Apparently a foreign visitor complained in 2017 that the flag of St George was “RACIST”. It seems that in this increasingly Orwellian country foreigners have more rights than the indigenous population. I asked myself the question “where did this visitor come from?” Is there a racist aspect or was there a deeper reason such as religious (crusade?) behind this? Draw your own conclusions!

My message to any such visitor (or culture) is that if you do not like the culture of this country then you can always leave or is it “RACIST” to support one’s own culture! So much for multiculturalism and diversity. Nobody asked us for our views. Probably would have ignored them anyway.