Saving Energy – Climate Action Wendover, February 2022

Image courtesy Energy Saving Trust

Millions of households saw their energy bills rise by 12% in October last year and with further rises predicted this April, by as much as another 50%, perhaps now is the time to look at how to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. A recent blog by the Energy Saving Trust has identified 10 changes that everyone can make immediately resulting in an annual saving of around £248 for a typical three-bedroom house.

A study by the Installation Institute has revealed that insulating 4 million homes is the equivalent to the carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by planting 667 million acres of trees – 10 times the area of the UK.

If you are considering insulating your home but don’t know where to start, then why not consider a leaky home survey? For £20 you will receive a thermographic image of where your home is losing heat as well as advice on various solutions. Visit for more information. For example, if you install up to 270mm insulation in your loft at an approximate cost of £300 you could save around £165 a year on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint by around 580kg a year.

For more energy saving advice and to find out if you are eligible for any grants, visit