Scam Awareness Fortnight

Monday 13 – Sunday 26 June is Scam Awareness Fortnight and during this time agencies will be coming together to help make sure that people have the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves and others from scams.

Scams and financial fraud are increasing at an unprecedented rate. They have become a fast-moving and industrialised business, the 2019 Financial Cost of Fraud Report estimates the cost of fraud to the UK is between £130bn – £190bn a year. In 2021 criminal gangs stole over £470m by pretending to be your bank or other service provider.

Stop Scams UK have launched a pilot scheme in conjunction with a number of UK banks and telephone companies that want to stop banking fraud.

If you receive a phone call and you think someone is trying to trick you into handing over money or personal details – STOP, HANG UP & CALL 159, to speak directly to your bank.

159 will never call you, but you can rely on 159 to get you through to your bank. Calls cost the same as a national rate call, usually part of the included minutes in most phone tariffs.


When should I call 159?

  • If someone contacts you saying they’re from your bank, even if they are not suspicious
  • If you receive a call asking you to transfer money or make a payment, even if it seems genuine
  • If you receive a call about a financial matter and it seems suspicious


Reporting Scams

Don’t feel embarrassed about reporting a scam, scammers are clever and they can target anyone. Reporting these crimes will help prevent others from being scammed.