There is a cat – small, short-haired and in traditional tabby colours – that has been spending increasing amounts of time this summer in my garden shed and around my garden generally. I first saw it about three years ago, when I found it resting in my shed when I opened up one morning. It had obviously got in through a partly-open window at the back. Since then it has been an intermittent friendly visitor, but this year has become an almost permanent feature, always announcing its presence by coming up to me and miaowing, looking for a stroke, when I go into the garden for any reason, and happy to sit nearby when I do the quieter garden tasks.

It looks in good health, displaying normal strength and vitality and soft smooth fur, so it must have a good home – or source of food at least – somewhere. But it has no collar or other means of identification. I would dearly love to know more about it – such as its name and where it belongs. It seems to approach my garden from the direction of Nightingale Road. Because of the way it came to my notice I refer to it as Shedpuss, and have written the attached rhyme ( about it. Perhaps its “host” or “benefactor” is equally mystified about where it spends so much of its time, seemingly attached to me and my garden! If they read this letter in the Wendover News, perhaps they would like to get in touch.