Sheep Worrying

A message from the Wendover Neighbourhood Policing Team:

Dear Residents,

There have been a number of reports of dog walkers trespassing on to farmers fields and on occasions the dogs have worried the sheep, which is an offence. Worrying sheep can lead to pregnant ewes having their lamb/lambs prematurely, which obviously has a huge impact on the farming community.

The local farmers have been putting signs around their fields reminding dog walkers not to enter the field but unfortunately, some of our local residents have felt it necessary to rip them down and in some cases, damage fencing, which is Criminal Damage. This is unacceptable and will be dealt with robustly. The fields are private land and you should not be on them (whether you have been using them “for years” or not). There are lots of lovely places around this area to go for a walk; Wendover is very lucky from that perspective.

Ask yourself, would you walk your dog in someone’s garden?

Please be considerate. This is a lovely community so please let’s keep it that way. The Police will be monitoring and if any more of the signs are taken down, then we will make relevant enquiries to find out who did it.

Wendover Neighbourhood Policing Team