Simon Dovers – Creepy, by A. S. Neil

About the Book

Simon and his younger sister, Ellie, were the best of friends and worst of enemies – as with all siblings. Sometimes they didn’t like each other but they always loved each other. Simon considered Ellie to be a bit of a pain but he enjoyed playing with her sometimes, and looking after her while Mum was at work.

However, things with Ellie started to take a strange turn and she changed. Was this just due to her age or was there some other sinister reason that she was becoming less fun to be around and honestly, not a very nice person – creepy even?

Simon Dovers – Creepy is the story of two siblings, their family and the strange happenings in their lives.

About the Author

Aaliyah S Neil was born in August 2006. She lives with her parents and has an older brother, Jordan.

She loves reading and playing with her dog.