Six Buckinghamshire pubs determined to end their consumption of single use plastics by Earth Day 2019

It has been widely acknowledged that Oakman Inns (which operates six pubs in Buckinghamshire including the recently opened Beech House in Amersham and The Cherry Tree in Olney – see full list below) was the first multiple-site pub group to end the use of plastic straws across their 20 plus units. This initiative, which marked Earth Day 2017, set the example across the hospitality industry leading to the removal of millions of plastic straws from the environment. The company has also joined the REFILL scheme where anyone can come into an Oakman Inn and have their water bottle refilled free of charge.

To mark this year’s Earth Day 2018 (this Sunday 22nd April), and in line with the Earth Day theme which focuses on ending plastic pollution, Oakman Inns is announcing their intention to eradicate the consumption of single use plastics within the group by Earth Day 2019.

The group has been in discussion with their suppliers on the best methods for eliminating the use of plastic packaging and has been busy researching alternatives such as Vegware.

Oakman Inns CEO, Peter Borg Neal, commented: “So much of our ethos at Oakman Inns emanates from the wishes of our staff and our customers who are almost universal in their desire to end plastic consumption wherever possible. Oakman has a reputation for leading the way and, to a certain extent, it’s now up to us to show what can be done with the support of all our stakeholders, including our suppliers.”

Oakman’s Chef Director, Ross Pike, said: “As our stakeholders know, we are dedicated to creating a business that is not only commercial, but which takes its responsibilities seriously within the communities it serves and in the wider environment in which it works. It’s the scores of little initiatives like ensuring our fish come from sustainable sources, focusing on seasonal produce, switching to LED bulbs not just on the pass but throughout the restaurant and, of course, managing our food waste. These are the little things that make the difference, not just for us, but we hope to a wider world.”