Slow Flow Yoga Classes with Sabina are back! 

In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where you feel welcome and easy, you are invited to explore the benefits of Slow Flow Yoga. In our class, we combine deep relaxation, stretching and breathing exercises with mindful movement and meditation. Here, you strike a pose for yourself, it is a practice of self-reflection and self-discovery, rather than competition on how well you look compared to others. You are invited to feel your body as you move and relax and notice any minute changes as you do Asanas (postures) and breathing (Pranayama).

I called the class Slow Flow, as we do not hurry or rush, we start with relaxation and we finish class with relaxation. In between those, we move slowly and mindfully of our movement and breathing, building up the strength of our muscles and working on joints’ flexibility, increasing lung capacity and mental balance.

Slow and easy goes a long way, relaxing you and allowing your body greater range of movement, building your confidence in the process. Added benefits of deep breathing, combined with mindful movement, bring lots of oxygen to your body, clearing your mind and invigorating the whole body-mind system.

Lots of people turn to Yoga for physical benefits like flexibility, muscle building, increasing balance and a workout that can be adapted to be challenging, yet still low-impact and easy on the joints if needed. And when you invest a bit of time and effort into realising these goals, Yoga will deliver.

And what I’ve felt and witnessed, together with countless others, is that the process of going through the postures (Asanas) and the breathing exercises (Pranayama) starts to instigate a positive mental transformation as well, and that’s where you can really get hooked.

Numerous studies have found that Yoga can be an effective treatment for issues ranging from anxiety and depression to chronic pain, insomnia, immune conditions, arthritis and even heart and blood pressure problems. Please consult your Doctor before you start any classes if you have any medical conditions.


Come and try Slow Flow Yoga for yourself while we have some spaces in our Friday morning classes:

Slow Flow Yoga classes – every Friday from 9:00 -10:15am and 10.25- 11.25am at Wendover Library.

Sabina Dye

Certified Kids & Adults Yoga Teacher, KundaDance & Reiki Level II Practitioner

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