Smart Parking arrives in the centre of Marlow

Transport for Buckinghamshire and technology innovation company Smart Parking have recently installed in-ground sensors in limited waiting and disabled parking bays in the High Streetand surrounding roads of Marlow town centre. The sensors work with the ‘Smart Parking’ app, which receives real-time information from the sensors to show available on-street parking bays. It will be available for locals and visitors alike to download and use for free. The app allows users to plan their journey and have a real-time view of available parking spots when they arrive at their destination.

Smart Parking worked with Transport for Buckinghamshire to identify areas of high-volume parking turnover on the main streets of Marlow. The information gathered showed that prime parking spots were often being parked in for extended periods of time by either residents or staff from the local businesses.

To help manage traffic flow, free up choice parking spots and afford motorists a clear view of available spaces, the project scope included 170 in-ground vehicle detection sensors that are wirelessly connected to Smart Parking’s online management platform.

The system is programmed to allow motorists to take advantage of the free one or two hour parking time, meaning genuine users of local facilities will have time to complete their outing, whilst still ensuring the parking bays turn over regularly, reducing congestion.

The Google Cloud-managed platform feeds information about each individual bay’s status to Transport for Buckinghamshire. This provides the Council with both real-time and historical parking management information to understand parking use and how best to optimise it in this high-demand area.

The project is still in its early stages, but Marlow is already seeing better use of parking facilities, and it is hoped that this could be the start of a progressive roll out of new sites across the rest of the county in the future.

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transportation Mark Shaw, said:

“At Transport for Buckinghamshire, we are always looking for ways to improve the service that we deliver. The implementation of Smart Parking is a brilliant, innovative step forward for parking in Marlow. I really look forward to seeing the improved results. This system can ease the parking situation in the town centre – and across the rest of the county going forward.”