Specialist learning and development programme is giving Buckinghamshire’s social workers the best start

Buckinghamshire County Council’s academy for newly qualified social workers in Buckinghamshire is supporting them to develop important skills and knowledge at the start of their social work careers, enabling them to care for vulnerable children and young people as early as possible.

The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) academy programme helps newly qualified social workers during their first year of employment and professional practice, building their skills, knowledge and confidence.


Councillors Warren Whyte and Netta Glover meet this year’s ASYE academy cohort

The academy is in its first year of operation with a current cohort of 10 newly qualified social workers; and the plan is to expand the programme to support 20 new social workers next year. The County Council runs the academy in partnership with Bucks New Uni.

Warren Whyte, the County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, met with the ASYE cohort along with the Deputy Cabinet Member, Netta Glover.

Warren said: “I’m very pleased to have met with the social workers on our ASYE academy programme. This programme is very important as it enables us to develop social workers’ professional practice skills through having all the right academic and professional support in place for them during their first year of practice. This really helps to develop their confidence and capabilities and means they start on their social work careers with the very best foundation.

“’Growing our own’ social workers in this way means we can also reduce the numbers of agency social workers over the longer term which reduces costs and increases our permanent skilled workforce.”

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