Speed restrictions needed near schools

I have recently moved to the area and my daughter attends nursery on Wharf Road/Manor Road. I have noticed that there are no 20 mile per hour speed restrictions or speeds bumps in place on this road despite it being a road that contains several schools and my daughter’s nursery. This can be a busy road as many cars use it as a cut through from Aylesbury Road to Tring Road and cars are travelling at 30mph or more and weaving in and out of parked cars.

I have contacted the Wendover Parish Council and Buckinghamshire Council regarding this matter. Wendover Parish Council were helpful and informed me that a 20mph Wendover speed restriction was potentially in the offing, however, this has not materialised as of yet. Buckinghamshire Council were not helpful at all.

I would like to raise awareness of this issue and in doing so would like to ask for your help as a platform for highlighting this potential serious oversight and negligence. The two main questions I want to highlight and get answers to are; why are there no 20mph restrictions in place as is common with roads that contain schools? And secondly is this something that Buckinghamshire Council are planning to have implemented in the near future? I raised this issue prior to the school holidays which would have been the perfect time to construct speed bumps but this did not happen.

I would be more than happy to contribute if needed and I’m sure other parents would like to add their voice to this important discussion. I feel compelled to force a change and feel as though that if speed restrictions are not implemented then it is just a matter of time before there is an accident – the difference between having 20 mph restrictions and speed bumps in place and to continue with the 30mph zone and no speed bumps/restrictions could potentially be a child’s life.