Stamp of Approval for Ben

Recently, RAF Halton invited Mr Ben Glazier and his wife, Angela, who live in Wendover, to attend the Graduation Parade of Beckett Intake.

They were invited to have lunch and view the Parade by Station Commander, Group Captain James Brayshaw, as Ben had been selected to design a RAF100 postage stamp for the Isle of Man post office, IOMPO.

Ben was chosen to create the design when he approached the Isle Of Man Post Office after a dinner with the then Secretary of the RAF Club. He was invited to put in a proposal and this resulted in his designs being accepted.

The collection was designed by Ben and his team at Glazier Design, a creative agency in London. Ben’s grandfather Geoffrey Glazier was a Royal Flying Corps Pilot on active duty in France on the 1st of April 1918, making him one of the first RAF Officer Pilots on that first day. His war lasted only three weeks before he was shot down and injured. Ben said, “It is an honour and a privilege to create these stamps for IOMPO and the RAF, honouring not just my grandfather, but the many pilots, ground crew, nurses, technicians and others who paid the ultimate price in their service to the RAF and our country. We always try to add interest to the stamps we design to recognise the value of those they commemorate; this has been a most special commission for us.”

Ben founded his creative agency Glazier Design in 1998, but spends as much time as possible with his wife and three young children who have all attended John Hampden and Wendover Junior Schools, two are now at the John Colet School and Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School.

Speaking about the day he spent at RAF Halton, Ben said: “Thank you for the honour and privilege of visiting RAF Halton to watch the passing out parade of No 607 – Beckett Intake, and for the opportunity to present the RAF100 Stamps to Group Captain James Brayshaw and show them to others, including Air Vice-Marshal Gary Waterfall.

“My thanks also to Sqn Ldr Toby Watkins, and the other staff who showed us around Halton House and looked after us all day. The Parade was brilliant and in challenging conditions, the recruits put on a great show, full of feeling and I am sure their families were immensely proud of them. It was wonderful to have the Chinook go overhead. What a great sound.”

He continued: “My wife, Angie, commented that she was particularly happy to see that many of the awards went to female recruits, showing that the RAF is not only well advanced in recruiting equality, but that the recruits are able to respond and perform. On behalf of Angie and me as local residents and as Glazier Design staff, and on behalf of the Isle of Man Post Office, thank you all for a wonderful day.”

Written by: 70