Station Commander hands over Command

This week has been a very busy week at RAF Halton seeing a new Commanding Officer arriving on Station. Current Station Commander, Group Captain James Brayshaw handed over command to the new incumbent, Group Captain Katherine Wilson. Group Captain Brayshaw leaves the Station to depart on operations to Afghanistan, then on to his new position, yet to be announced.

At the Graduation Parade of Arnold Intake he addressed the Parade, saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to RAF Halton where we mark a significant milestone in the lives of the men and women of number 618 Arnold Intake who are graduating today. They are now the newest members of the Royal Air Force and on behalf of the service it is my great pleasure to welcome them into the oldest, independent and most distinguished Air Force in the world. Congratulations!

To those graduating, you stand here on a parade square whose provenance dates back to the very inception of the Royal Air Force. This site was built to train airmen who would deliver support to the front line of the embryonic Royal Air Force. Lord Trenchard understood the need for a cadre of ground airman who would all play their part in delivering airpower, of a need for trained and skilled tradesmen who were able to be advocates of air power. You stand here with the back drop of history but you are very much the future of the Royal Air Force.

This has been an excellent parade, and believe me when I say that, I have seen a few, 42 to be exact! You are now at the start of what we all hope you will be a long, and rewarding career, and a journey which I know you will find challenging, rewarding, but most of all enjoyable.

As I now finish as your Station Commander to depart on operations in Afghanistan, I would like to personally thank you for making my last ceremonial event at Halton one to remember. I will always be inspired by your excellence and the team that has trained you so well.

Well done and I wish you every success in your career.”

“Per Ardua Ad Astra. Thank you.”

Group Captain Brayshaw arrived on Halton in November 2016 and has since invested time ensuring that the Station and it’s people work to their optimum.