Step this way to a healthy retirement

An exciting new initiative to help residents nearing retirement become more active has been launched this week by Buckinghamshire County Council.

‘Pension for your Body’ is a six-week challenge to encourage residents of retirement age, to start collecting steps towards a more active future.

With one in six people in Buckinghamshire (around 94,000 people) already over the age of 65 – and with thousands more due to retire in the next few years, it is hoped the scheme will encourage people to start saving for their health pension, as well as their financial pension.

It is recommended that adults should aim to be active everyday and accumulate 150 minutes of activity each week. Doing just 10 minute bursts of activity each day can be beneficial to your health. To join the challenge simply register at

Martin Phillips, Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health said: “We all know that being a bit more active on a regular basis, especially as we get older can produce real health and social benefits.

“For example, it is surprising to learn just how powerful a medicine a daily or near-daily walk can be. Studies are finding new benefits all the time such as preventing heart disease and diabetes, relieving back pain, reducing anxiety and improving overall quality of life.

“But what’s stopping us is not having the time or money or motivation to do it. I hope the ‘pension for your body’ challenge will help to overcome some of those barriers, inspire people to give the challenge a go and feel better for it!”

Once registered individuals will receive one to one support and guidance. They can also set up goals and monitor their progress on a week by week basis.

As well as the benefit of improving overall quality of life, the challenge also rewards people with Time Credits for referring their friends to the challenge.

For more information visit