Streetlight Survey Results Available

On 29 January, Thames Valley Police released the results of a survey about crime and street lighting.

The November 2013 survey asked questions about street lighting and crime and safety in our area.

The results of the survey are now available to download from this website:

15,786 people responded to the survey. 22% of participants said that lighting had been switched off or dimmed in their area. Of those participants, 55.8% of the women and 38.8% of the men said that their community now feels less safe. When comparing the data by age, a higher number of younger respondents felt their safety was negatively affected. Asked how dimming or switching off lighting affects their behaviour, 40% of respondents considered going out less, 65% avoided unlit areas and 15% said they would take taxis rather than walk. To read more detail please see the full report.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust undertook Freedom of Information requests about street lighting cuts by local authorities across England and Wales with a view to comparing these results with the survey results. However, due to staff illness, they have not yet completed this in as much detail as they wished. Instead they plan to circulate this as another report at a later date.