Stuart McCurry Fundraising for Help for Heroes

At the Christmas market on the Manor Waste 4 December, the good people of Wendover donated 170 pounds which will go a long way in helping our wounded.

As discussed, on the evening, I have been fortunate to be selected by Help for Heroes for participation on several of their cycling challenges as part of fundraising in support of Help for Heroes. I hope to be able to raise over 10,000 pounds support our wounded as a commitment into the future.

Any assistance that Wendover and the chamber can offer would be gratefully received and put to a good cause. This could be in the form of donations though the web on my charity page, details below, or through sponsorship, running an event, having a collect tin or indeed their good wishes and thoughts.

I can be contacted at the address below.

Stuart McCurry & Partners Ltd

SMP House

South Street

Wendover, Aylesbury

Buckinghamshire HP22 6EF

United Kingdom

Tel: 01296 696780 Fax: 01296 696447