A successful local business that has stayed firm in an ever changing world

A nationwide human resources business built and founded in Milton Keynes has celebrated 20 years of serving businesses across the country.

“In 1997, Google wasn’t born, we watched films on video, Facebook hadn’t been invented and a blackberry was a mere summer fruit.” said Angela Rhodes, the Founder and Managing Director of Crispin Rhodes, a HR firm based in Wolverton Mill. “20 years later I am delighted that despite all the changes in the world and the new challenges business faces we are stronger than ever and looking forward to the next two decades.”

In over 20 years no company that has followed Crispin Rhodes’ advice has ever been successfully taken to an employment tribunal or fallen foul of any HR related minefield and it is that expert and knowledge driven advice that has seen the business grow across the UK.

“Our HQ is here in Milton Keynes.” Angela continued. “I am though proud of a committed and focused team at Crispin Rhodes that means we now serve firms big and small across the South East, the South West, in Greater Manchester and as far afield as Scotland.”

Whether a new employer or an established business Crispin Rhodes helps make navigating employer responsibilities a breeze and encourage them to get in touch and they’ll help and protect every step of the way.

“The changes in our everyday lives over the past twenty years have also brought a whole host of new challenges to employers.” Angela continued. “In 1997 business didn’t have to be concerned about what their staff was searching for on Google or what they were posting on Facebook as neither existed.”

“An Apple and a Blackberry were mere fruits.” she continued. “Today they are the personal smart phones that just about everyone has and the use of them during working hours can be a challenge for business to manage.”

Angela, who lives in Milton Keynes with her husband Mike and has two grown up sons has said there are two key reasons why she has been so successful as a business and why over two decades Crispin Rhodes have grown across the UK.

“Primarily it is all about hard work.” she said. “We have put our life and souls into the business and serving our clients and they have repaid us with their loyalty and in many cases their friendship.”

“Secondly we have adapted to the changing world of commerce. We know the issues that businesses face today are so different to those of twenty years ago. It puts us in a position where we are able to give the best advice and best support there is.”

“Crispin Rhodes always interpret the law and best practice in a sensible manner that works for their clients whether they are big or small.” said Jacky Sherman, a business consultant who works in Milton Keynes supporting firms.

“Not only have Crispin Rhodes been with us every step of the way, each one of their team are always a pleasure to deal with” said Adam Naisbitt of Digitally Engaged.

Angela Rhodes