Sunday Motorcycle Maniacs

Every fine Sunday it starts, every year it gets worse, groups of motorcyclists on full race bikes ‘do the circuit.’

The bypass is a mecca apparently and that is bad enough, but over more recent years the speeding has spread throughout Wendover from Aylesbury Road, The High Street, and South Street.

Contacting the Police brings the usual concern but little changes. Until there is a concerted and well planned attempt to catch these maniacs, nothing will change and many people’s lives will remain terribly affected. An ex-Silverstone marshal friend has clocked these bikes doing in excess of 80mph in 30mph limits around Wendover. The possibility of a severe accident is a matter of when not if.

The sheer noise of these machines is quite frightening, and most have illegal exhaust systems, and non-regulation number plates and brakes, effectively making them uninsured vehicles.

I would call on all residents affected (must be most of Wendover) to contact the police before another summer is ruined by these selfish morons.