Support for local children preparing for/moving to secondary school

627 Transfer are offering support to help children in Buckinghamshire, who are preparing to start secondary school next term. Their sessions, workshops and resources help increase children’s confidence about moving schools, and build their social and organisational skills ready for secondary school.

Local children in Year Six, as well as their parents and schools, are beginning to prepare for starting secondary school in September. This can be a very stressful time, and it is important to provide as much support as possible, both before the transition, and once they have actually started.

“Research shows that having a difficult transition to secondary school can have long-term negative effects on children’s self-esteem, levels of depression and anxiety and their academic attainment, as well as causing them unnecessary stress at the time,” says Fiona Kinsman, owner of 627 Transfer, with ten years experience specialising in secondary school transition. “It’s really important to help children gain the knowledge, life-skills and confidence they need to feel less anxious and adjust quickly.”

Fiona started 627 Transfer in 2013, after the county-council-funded Transfer Support Team was ended. The Bucks-based business works with schools and parents to provide a range of sessions, workshops and resources that support groups or individual children to make a smooth transition and settle in quickly.

They use fun and engaging activities to reassure children about their concerns and help children learn and practise various skills for making and keeping friends, being organised, and negotiating the secondary school environment. Fiona and her Associates also liaise with secondary schools to inform them about the specific concerns and needs of each child.

“The children really benefit from taking part” says Mary Simons, teacher at St. Mary’s C of E Primary School in Amersham, who work with 627 Transfer. “Their self-esteem improves and even the more anxious and vulnerable pupils feel more confident and prepared, because the 627Transfer sessions have given them a wide range of tools and strategies that they can take with them.”

Schools, parents, youth groups and other organisations can ask further questions and book support by emailing 627 Transfer at