Sustainable Transport Midlands launches a public consultation on its transport vision for 2050

Today, Sustainable Transport Midlands (STM), a sustainable transport innovation group based in Northampton, launches its public consultation on ‘ourVision’ – the group’s sustainable and active transport vision for 2050. The vision is split into seven ‘Policy Groups’:

  • Policy Group One: Devolution and Funding
  • Policy Group Two: East West Rail
  • Policy Group Three: Electrification, buses, and active travel
  • Policy Group Four: High Speed Rail
  • Policy Group Five: Inclusive fares and accessible transport
  • Policy Group Six: Rural connectivity
  • Policy Group Seven: Urban connectivity and effective interchange

Policies include enhanced transport devolution to local and regional authorities, East West Rail electrification, private e-scooter legalisation, and the restoration of the High Speed Two eastern leg via East Midlands Hub and Sheffield Meadowhall.

STM is consulting on its policies and policy groups through a simple online form. The group is inviting everyone, including individuals, local councils, industry companies, and transport campaign groups, to respond to the consultation, which has a closing date of November 1st 2022.

Harry Burr, Chief Executive at Sustainable Transport Midlands, said: “I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to put together an ambitious vision for 2050, and I’d like to ensure we take into account the opinion of the wider public, as well as local/regional stakeholders and the industry. That’s why I chose to launch this consultation, which is simple to respond to and could potentially change the development of the transport network in the years going forward”

According to Sustainable Transport Midlands, this new vision will influence future stakeholder projects, as well as related transport campaigns, for example, where or how they campaign for a new station or railway line to be introduced for the first time.

The organisation would like at least 75 respondents from across the country and the industry. The link to the consultation launch page is available here, which will also allow you to view the Consultation Document, including info about ourVision itself, and the specific policy proposals.

The consultation closes on November 1st 2022.