Swinging music live on the golf course!

A saxophone, a flute and a whole lot of musical distraction; that’s what greeted golfers at hole 10 participating in Chiltern Music Therapy’s (Chiltern’s) Golf Day on Saturday 12 May. Chiltern like to add a little musical touch to their golf day raising money for their music therapy services. Last year golfers were played either heavy metal or classical music in an experiment to see whether one or the other helped their swing (as you would expect, the classical music won out!).

This year, they went one step further and they brought their instruments and singing voices onto the green to see if they could distract the golfers! Swinging tunes were chosen, including an adaption of Gene Wilder’s Singing in the Rain to become ‘Swinging in the rain’, a round of the Muppet’s ‘Mahna Mahna’ song and the song with the strongest link to golf; the Birdie Song! Despite the hole being dubbed a ‘distraction hole’ the music actually helped the golfers, with a number of them exclaiming that it was their best shot of the day!

Rosie Axon, Managing Director of Chiltern said, “Our Music Therapists know how powerful music can be in their sessions and it was very exciting to show the golfers it’s power in this unique and joyful way on the golf course.”

Visit www.chilternmusictherapy.co.uk to see video footage of the musical distractions!

Written by: 95