Swire Ridgeway Arts Prize 2022

The Friends of the Ridgeway are delighted to announce that the Swire Ridgeway Arts Prize will be held next year in April 2022.  There will be both an exhibition in Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall, Uffington and an associated online exhibition. A Flyer for the competition is attached below, along with the competition Rules and Entry Form.

The aim of the competition is to bring The Ridgeway to life not only as a long distance trail but as an artistic inspiration, and to show The Ridgeway, its history and environs, in all their aspects throughout all seasons. In this context Ridgeway refers to the full length of the ancient tracks running along the chalk down land from Dorset to Norfolk and not just The Ridgeway National Trail. The theme of the competition is ‘Spirit of the Ridgeway’.

There will be separate classes for (i) wall art (including painting, drawing, etching, textile pictures and wall hangings, and mosaics), (ii)  sculpture (including ceramics), (iii)   photography (including digital art), and (iv) writing (poetry or prose).

Please direct any questions to Anthony Burdall on anthony.burdall@burdall.net

21oct02_Swire Ridgeway Arts Prize_2022 Flyer

21oct02_Swire Ridgeway Arts Prize_2022 Entry Form

21oct02_Swire Ridgeway Arts Prize_2022 Rules