Taking centre stage – prepping your property for a new owner in Buckinghamshire

Greater focus is being placed on the importance of home staging when considering a move and, as the owner of the house, it’s your job to help others appreciate the home you fell in love with.


The Cannington Kitchen


Barratt and David Wilson Homes South Midlands has teamed up with The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland to offer second steppers guidance on getting a property in pristine condition for when safe house viewings return.


Paloma Harrington-Griffin, Founding Director at The Home Staging Association, said: “Simply wanting to sell a house is not enough. You need to be proactive when preparing a property for sale, which can translate into a quick sale at the asking price – or higher.”


According to a survey of property professionals[1], 94% of respondents believed staging increased the number of viewings, whilst 86% agreed that a staged home will sell up to three-times faster than a non-staged home.


The guidance from Barratt and David Wilson Homes and The Home Staging Association includes:


Cherish the curb appeal

It goes without saying that the exterior of a property encourages potential purchasers to step inside, so it’s important to make sure your home is dressed to impress. Property seekers will often drive by before arranging a viewing so the exterior must be appealing.

Make certain your garden is well-maintained and, if possible, bring in new planters to brighten up the frontage. It’s also worthwhile ensuring all gutters are clean, and any bins are hidden away to make your home the focal point.


Create an illusion of space

Where possible, remove any unnecessary furniture from your living areas, slightly move them away from the walls and ensure your home is clutter-free. Ensuring your home is picture-perfect will take any doubts away from the minds of potential buyers.

Also remember to avoid stashing all loose belongings in your cupboards. Anyone viewing a house will want to see the storage space and a tidy home with surplus storage will leave a lasting impression.


De-personalise your home

You went to the highest of heights to make your home exactly that – yours. But now that you’re trying to sell, so it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste. It may be a case of temporarily removing those lovely family photos and replacing them with mirrors or contemporary art, which highlight space and brightness.

The main objective of a house viewing is to help others envisage living in the property, and removing your trace can allow a buyer’s imagination to run free, enabling them to learn how to make their own mark, rather than inherit someone else’s.


Consider the room functions for your target market

There will be people wanting to move in knowing they’d like to redecorate, whilst others will be in search of a property which requires very little work. It’s a chance for you to emphasise the areas of your property that are designed in a particularly nice colour perhaps, as well as those which can be tailored to suit a new resident.

Think about whom you’re marketing to, and apply the benefits you’ve found your home to offer to their situation. If it’s first time buyers, highlight the living areas for entertaining guests and, for professional couples, a study or a home office may be more appealing than a spare bedroom.


Keep it clean, neutral and aspirational

Make your bed look inviting by choosing white or neutral linen, a set of clean pillows, plumped up cushions and a chunky throw to give it a five-star look. You could also order crisp, white towels for the bathroom for that clean spa-feeling.

Fresh flowers are an aspirational feature designed to brighten up your interiors, but they will also provide an inviting scent for when it’s safe to welcome potential buyers.

Jason Hearn, Sales Director at Barratt and David Wilson Homes South Midlands, said: “Moving to a new home is an exciting time and whilst observing the social distancing guidelines, it’s a great opportunity to make sure your current property is ready for the market so you can focus on your next step when it’s safe to do so.”


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