TfB receives international accreditation for excellence in asset management

Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) has received international accreditation for its work in effective and efficientmanagement of its assets.

The ISO 55001 certificate of accreditation is only given out to those who can clearly demonstrate asustainedcommitment to providing highly effective service delivery in the maintenance of roads, footways and other assets including street lighting and traffic signals. Local authorities who want to meet the exactingstandard need to clearly show how they use long term planning and data analysis to manage and maintaintheir assets most effectively and efficiently.

Meeting the high standards set to achieve this accreditation also has financial benefits for the council. The Department of Transport allocates a higher percentage of funding to local authorities who demonstrate thegood long term planning needed to secure such an award. This accreditation means TfB will secure full funding for 2018/19 and will help with future bids.

Councillor Mark Shaw, Cabinet Member for Transportation presented the certificate to Simon Dando, TfB Contract Director at the Annual General Meeting of the County Council on Thursday.

Speaking afterwards Mark said: “I’m delighted to present this award to TfB. It is a clear indicator of thehardwork that goeson behind the scenes toensure we focus our efforts most effectivelywhen it comes tomaintainingourroads and footways. Well done to Simon and the whole team. Not only is this a great result for TfB, it will also impact on anyone who lives in or visits Buckinghamshire due to the additional Department of Transport funding we will be able to secure for future maintenance and management programmes on the back of this.”