Thames Valley Adventure Park seeks pro bono support in-kind from local businesses to prepare for its summer season

Maidenhead, 11 May 2022 – As it prepares for its busiest time of the year, May to September, the team at Thames Valley Adventure Park is hard at work tidying and repairing its fantastic 2.5-acre site. The OFSTED-registered day-care facility is a charity and depends on the generosity of individuals and businesses to fund its operations. However, whilst cash donations remain essential and hugely welcome, it’s in-kind support from local businesses that can make a huge difference.

Engagement & Fundraising Manager Keith Hanks explains: “Businesses can make a difference in three ways. Of course, cash donations help cover our overheads, such as wages and running costs and to pay for larger projects.

“Teams of enthusiastic volunteers on corporate days also play a vital role to prepare the playground for the spring and summer and helping with fundraising events. The third way in which businesses can make a huge impact is by providing in-kind support, offering to provide their services on a pro bono basis.”

Businesses can help by doing what they do best – delivering their services
Keith has a wish list of support from local businesses and tradespeople that could have a significant impact on the running of Thames Valley Adventure Park, thereby enabling the charity to channel even more of its resources into care.

“Tradespeople literally keep the water flowing and the power on,” he says. “We’d love to have some friendly local plumbers and heating engineers, electricians and builders who could devote just a few hours a month to helping us with those minor yet vital jobs around the place.”

Some of the adventure park’s existing corporate supporters provide facilities offsite, such as the fabrication workshop provided by corporate sponsor Ragus Sugars. Keith notes in-kind support of this type is valuable, enabling the charity to conserve cash for in-house costs.

Another area where Keith would welcome pro bono support is business services, such as marketing and tech support. “Our website would benefit from a refresh with a best practice modern transactional giving page. We’d love to have a creative agency look at our brochures, and events specialist advising on how we can host charity-dos more efficiently, and copywriters to sharpen the calls to action on our begging letters,” Keith jokes.

But keep on volunteering and donating…
As the park becomes busier with the children, young people and adults who benefit from the indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, so the Thames Valley Adventure Park team need support from volunteers and donations.

Keith concludes: “We’d love to hear from Berkshire-based business who can spare some time to support us with their expert services. And at the same time, we will continue to value our sponsors, donors and volunteers. Every pound and each hour counts, making a big difference to a person’s quality of life.”