Thank you

On Sunday afternoon 28 June with the sun shining we decided to take our exercise in the fresh air on our mobility scooters. However on our return at the junction of Aylesbury Rd & Halton Lane, my husband’s scooter froze and refused to budge, the alarm sounding very loudly.

I had already crossed the junction and worried, seeing his distress in my mirror.

Many people passed by, some asking, “Is everything alright?” then passing on. Eventually a young woman walking her dog stopped and offered assistance, ringing recovery & insurance offices.

As it was clear they could not help for some time and not wishing to abandon the scooter, she then rang her partner who appeared almost by magic.

He pushed my husband seated on his scooter all the way home! – a mammoth task as scooter + rider are heavy. His partner + children + dog escorted us as I led the way home. A huge thank you to them all – Rozanne, Keiron & boys.