Thank you Budgens

When the July print edition of Wendover News went to press, retail businesses which were classified as “non-essential” were opening up after many weeks in lockdown due to severe regulations imposed while the Coronavirus pandemic swept through the UK. During that very difficult period, local businesses rallied to the cause of making sure that all local people were supplied with their basic needs for food and cleaning which were the main issues during the emergency.

The contribution of Wendover News was to upload to our social media and website everyday, the current information about which businesses were able to offer these necessary products. Wendover Parish Council recruited volunteers through the Good Neighbour Scheme. These people delivered the necessary goods to vulnerable people who could not go out for whatever reason.

In this article we identify one of the businesses which helped us in our hour of need. It is not a comprehensive list. Please write to Wendover News if you would like to share the lockdown story of a Wendover business which went out of its way to help you during lockdown and we will publish it for you.  To follow: Lloyds Pharmacy, The Post Office, the Bakers Shop, Kings Farm Shop, No2 Pound Street. This article first appeared in the July print edition of Wendover News. The entire edition can be seen here.

Thank you Budgens

How can we thank the staff of Sweeney’s Budgens enough for their non-stop attention to detail since the beginning of March?

Circumstances changed rapidly from week to week and sometimes, day to day. The buyers at Budgens were competing for stock with huge national supermarkets. When particularly popular items arrived, they were rushed to key areas so that shoppers could find them easily. The surge in demand changed from toilet paper, hand sanitiser and tins of baked beans to flour, gloves and face masks, not forgetting Easter Eggs available at the appropriate time.

Budgens have adapted quickly to such uncertain times, introducing numerous measures in order to assist social distancing, helping to ensure the safety of all customers and staff. The team have worked tirelessly under enormous pressure to ensure that they were able to provide a continuous service.

Free Home Delivery and Collection

They have also introduced new services to assist those in self-isolation such as Free Home delivery and Collection services that were not available before. These were introduced quickly from the ground up and have since been working seamlessly alongside the volunteers and team at Wendover Parish Council.

Finally, Sweeney’s Budgens would like to send their heartfelt thanks to all the customers and locals who have continued to support the business throughout this challenging period and are extremely grateful for the patience and understanding whilst adapting to all the changes.