Thanks to local businesses for lockdown support

Thanks to all the businesses in Wendover that have done so well in keeping us all going despite everything that the virus and its consequences have thrown at them. Everyone will have their particular stars and it’s very unfair to single any out, but I’m going to anyway: Budgens of course (and their brilliant band of newspaper deliverers), Wendover Plaice, Lloyds pharmacy, Crumbs café and The Spice Garden. Also Tesco, George & Dragon, Cammack opticians, the post office and the bake shop.

A big thank you too to the businesses who despite being closed regularly changed their window displays to give us something new to look at during our walks. Thanks must also go to Rumseys for their outdoor table service (and to the Parish Council for letting them). We were among those who were rather sad when the Manor Waste was resurfaced but hasn’t it proved its worth. Unlike so many places, Wendover is rarely deserted and it’s been so good to see people out and about (and invariably with a cup in their hands!), proving to all that Wendover might be sleeping; it is certainly not dead.

Who knows how things are going to pan out over the next few weeks and months, but we are so lucky to live here.