The 50plus – Independence In Your Home

How we as a country fund support for the elderly is very much in the news at the moment. Political debate has included a hastily backtracked ‘death tax’ and currently includes considering funding a universal care entitlement with a potential privately funded ‘care supplement’, a new form of insurance to pay for improved service levels in care homes, taxing the winter fuel allowance, making the allowance means tested, reduced or no free television licences or even increased National Insurance by the over 50’s. It’s a politically difficult area but with finite local government budgets (they fund care and support) and increasing demand it is clear that answers must be sought. It is now some two years since a government ‘green paper’ was promised with no signs of one emerging.

We can debate the age at which one becomes ‘elderly’ and I would argue it is really a personal issue; one is as old as one feels. However just about everyone agrees that being in your own home is the best bet given normal circumstances. At The 50plus we are increasingly providing support for the elderly at home and last year introduced a service package designed to assist with this.

Just to be clear, we don’t provide carers. We do provide a broad range of maintenance and adaption services and often some plain old hand holding. What is sad it that there is on the whole none or very limited funding for this type of work (although some can be VAT free). We’d like to be able to offer a financially supported service but that will probably require the politics of care to be sorted out first. If anyone has any bright ideas on the funding front do get in touch!

The 50plus Independence In Your Home service provides a broad range of adaptation, maintenance and improvement options to the home for the elderly for easier and improved comfort. It ranges from e.g. bath to shower adaptation, changes in lighting for improved reading and security and key safes for those you trust. It is designed to serve those who need to remain safe, independent and comfortable and offers peace of mind to users and their families. We provide an advice service to problem solve any difficulties in identifying how to live comfortable at home, it’s free by telephone.

The 50plus have been in business for nearly 20 years. Do call if you need advice or visit our head office at, 110a High Street, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 1EB. We are there during office hours but if you need specific advice an appointment is recommended.

The 50plus. 01494 784 448.