The Darkening of Aldbury

In this new book by Raymond Hugh, all the action revolves around the village of Aldbury and the Ashridge Estate along with Wendover and the countryside around Beacon and Pulpit Hill towards Princes Risborough.

The author is a keen conservationist and there is an underlying conservation theme running throughout the story. The author hopes readers of the book who may not all be that interested in conservation will by reading the book be converted and become involved in the cause. He has left a personal message in the book and wants eventually to form a charity restoring flower meadows, old orchards and protected ponds to encourage pond life, so much of which has been decimated in recent years. In the meantime for every book sold in the first year 50 pence will be donated to a local conservation charity. The publisher has already committed for the first three months to donate to the Chiltern Society.

The author says: “We are hoping to offer the book in all sorts of local shops – not just in book shops – and it will also be available to purchase online. If anybody has trouble finding a copy of the book please contact us directly either by telephoning 01202 133790 or emailing”

The jacket summary says:
A young French girl moves to a quiet village with her parents in the Chiltern Hills. A village over which hangs a cloud that refuses to move. From day one strange things start to happen. As village life starts to resemble Hell the little French girl finds herself drawn into a battle with an invisible enemy. As the story draws to a nail-biting climax the final outcome could very well depend on you!