The GillyBillies

The Covid pandemic stopped us all in our tracks and none more so than musicians.

For young professionals it must have been devastating and we have heard a lot of stories in the press about the ingenuity of professional musicians, still determined to play even in the streets.

Here in Wendover local duo The GillyBillies picked up on this trend and played on their front drive during the summer of 2020 in the worst of the lockdown. It was a good experience for all concerned and brought together (at a distance) neighbours who hitherto had not known each other well.

Now the GillyBillies are trying to build back to a good level of regular bookings. They play purely for the joy of it or to help charities. No fee is charged.

They have a website – where you can read all about them and see photos and videos of their performances.

If you are planning an event of any kind and feel that some happy music would enhance it, give them a call.