The Halton Development CIC View

Over the last 8 months, we have engaged with the DIO to understand their plans for the RAF site and to put our Vision across to them. We therefore welcomed the recent consultations (8 and 11 May) to see their plans and understand their direction of thought.

Let’s be clear. The RAF needs to relocate and the money to do so. The DIO is tasked with raising these funds through disposal of the site. AVDC has a housing target to meet. Therefore, the most important item on both their Halton agendas is selling the 82 acres designated for housing (1000 homes). This, Phase 1, is about getting approval by the inspector and inclusion in the local plan.

The HDCIC exists to ensure an overall long-term Vision is bought into by all stakeholders. Piecemeal planning is painting by numbers. It produces a picture but never a masterpiece.

Who is seeing the masterpiece? Who is championing it? Who is assuring us that, despite the housing needs, this precious and special place will never be allowed to be anything less than it deserves? The needs of all parties are not mutually inclusive, it can be achieved but it requires vision, creativity, expertise, cooperation and trust.

Build of mixed design and usage, for all life stages and pockets. Housing designated for ex-military personnel. Materials that reflect the natural environment and design and community facilities that consider the physical and mental needs of the residents. And, of course, infrastructure. Crucial for those within, surrounding and passing through the area.

The recent consultation majored on housing with acknowledgement of heritage, environment and sport, all of which we have championed. However, there was no mention of (1) enterprise/jobs (though we understand the DIO are open to exploring opportunities) and (2) how participation and performance sports facilities will truly reach its potential. These are just 2 areas detailed in our response to the DIO. A more comprehensive view can be found on the HDCIC website.

Please speak up for this special place. The DIO plans can be seen here: . They are asking for feedback so please make the most of this opportunity. They are listening. We are having influence.

Also, please go to to support us and see our more detailed response.

Help ensure Halton has a future worthy of its past. Thank you.

The HDCIC is a wholly unpaid community company with 250 members, run by volunteers.