The One Million Kg Challenge at Halton Gym – 19 May

Six local men are raising awareness and money for endometriosis, a condition that affects one in ten women, (176 million women globally). With an average length of diagnosis of seven years, it is vital to find a way to assist in whatever way we can to help what is still a fairly unknown condition.

They will move one million KG (equivalent to 200 fully grown elephants) at Halton Gym over twenty-four hours, beginning mid-day on the 19th May. The ambition is to raise £100,000 for Endometriosis UK, with the money being used to fund their helpline and webchat support service for a whole year as well as recruit and train at least two new volunteers to help run this service.

Two of the Challenge participants have experienced first-hand the suffering, lengthy diagnosis, operations, and the general difficulty of dealing with the illness (a daughter and a wife).

Raising awareness is critical – any donations, however large or small, will be hugely appreciated: