The Stoke Mandeville Village Society re-ignited

In 1973, a group of local residents formed The Stoke Mandeville Society, with aims to to “preserve a village way of life and community spirit”, it sadly disappeared in the 1980’s and 30 years of over-development is now evident in the village and surrounding neighbourhoods within the parish.

Determined to continue its work, a group of passionate residents, local groups and businesses have come together to revitalize The Society with a mission to: protect & enhance the village’s character, charm & scale, improve our sense of community and thereby put ‘village life’ back into the heart of our historic village.

The Society has a clear vision to ensure the original Village, with its post-war developments, reclaims its boundaries, charm, sense of community and historic past. It will protect the history, ensure it is fit for purpose for the future, encourage and develop community activities, promote interest and awareness throughout Bucks & beyond. It will also support local community eco-friendly initiatives, organize social and informative events, monitor planning applications, and consult members on relevant issues.

Run by Stoke Mandeville Villagers for Stoke Mandeville Villagers, it is politically non-aligned and welcomes everyone over the age of 18 years, living, working, or visiting the Village. It already has over 60 members, with many more joining and hopes by the end of the year to have at least half of the Village residents and businesses signed up. Being a subscriber to the website & membership is free in the first year.

For more information, to become a member or to volunteer your time to help the society achieve its aims, please email:, check out Instagram @stokemandevillevillage and watch out for our website, currently in development.

Protecting & Enhancing our Historic Village