The Wendover Society Harvest Supper 2022

The Wendover Society’s annual Harvest Supper will take place at the Memorial Hall on the evening of Friday, 14 October.

Following a delicious supper, the Committee will present the Society’s Forward Plan, reflecting the priorities that Members have placed on the issues facing the community in areas including:

  • Heritage
  • Planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Business
  • Transport
  • Social functions

Following the review of the Forward Plan, the archivist and tour operator of Halton House will present the fascinating story of that magnificent home’s heritage. There has been a manor house on the site since the days of the Norman Conquest, but the present building was constructed between 1880 and 1883. It was sold to the RAF by the Rothschild family in 1918, since which time it has served as the Officer’s Mess for RAF Halton. As the plans for RAF Halton are still unclear, Halton House faces an uncertain future – and plenty for the archivist to comment on.

Tickets are now available for the Harvest Supper. Reflecting our inflationary times, there will be a small increase in the cost of those tickets, to £22 per person. You can apply (and pay) for your tickets online at The Wendover Society web site:

The Committee looks forward to welcoming both Members of the Society and those considering membership to what promises to be a most interesting and enjoyable evening.

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