The Wendover Society relaunch at Harvest Supper

It was a beautiful evening, as 100+ current & potential members came together at Wendover’s Memorial Hall to celebrate the rebirth of the Society on 1 October. Ron Petersen was unanimously appointed as the new Chair along with the new committee members.

Good conversation, catching up with old faces and meeting some new ones over a delicious meal provided by PoshNosh, gave way to a rousing talk by Ron re-affirming The Society’s original mission ‘to protect the charm & scale of Wendover’. After supper we were delighted by a stimulating speech from our MP, Rob Butler.

During Rob’s speech he gave special mention to the huge variety of activities he has witnessed and experienced within Wendover and encouraged us all to continue to support and protect what makes Wendover so special. He sympathised entirely with the HS2 work which our market town finds itself challenged with, on a daily basis. Whilst he made clear that a tunnel was not forthcoming, we took some comfort in his promises to support alternative mitigation ideas to the best of his ability.

During the supper, The Society asked its members to provide their thoughts on Wendover and the role of the new Society in the future. We are now actively seeking input, ideas and suggestions from all members who were not in attendance at the supper, in order for the new committee to formulate its focus and way forward.

We are also welcoming new members who have a keen interest in the historical past and future of Wendover, as it is vital that the society continues to evolve. Please visit our website for further information about joining us and if you are keen to get involved and/or provide us with your ideas please contact