These are the house numbers buyers are paying the biggest property price premium for

Research by the estate agent comparison site,, revealed the UK’s most valuable house numbers, discovering that single digits, and especially number one, still rule the street.


By analysing the sold price records for 2021 so far, GetAgent has compiled a list of the most valuable house numbers in the UK. To qualify, there must have been more than 100 sales transactions for each house number, and the data only includes residential homes, not property types marked as ‘other’.


Using this methodology, the research shows that, excluding London, the most valuable house number in the UK is number one. Of the 7,523 number one homes sold so far in 2021, the sold price for homes numbered one averages £279,950, almost £12,000 more than the current UK average of £265,668.


Following number one is, conveniently, number two. So far in 2021, 7,463 homes have sold with the number two at an average sold price of £272,500. At roughly £7,000 more than the overall UK average house price, this makes numbers one and two the only house numbers to command an average price above the overall UK average.


Single-digit house numbers dominate the rest of the top 10 with one and two being followed by number four (£265,000), six (£262,500), three (£260,000), five (£260,000), eight (£258,400), and then seven (£255,000).


In 9th place is number 10 which brings an average price of £255,000 and then, after a predictable trend of low numbers, the tenth-most valuable house number arrives as an anomaly – number 157 commanding an average price of £255,000.


While one might expect this trend of low house numbers commanding high values to remain consistent throughout the entire nation, when GetAgent analysed the data in London, a very different picture was discovered.


The most valuable house number in London is 23. 347 transactions have taken place with number 23 homes so far in 2021 with the average price hitting £580,000, £70,000 more than the average London house price of £510,299.


In 2nd place is number 46 with an average sold price of £570,000, followed by 64 (£553,000), 47 (£550,125), 42 (£550,000), 67 (£550,000), 57 (£548,500), 4 (£545,000), 11 (£545,000), and 31 (£542,500).


Founder and CEO of, Colby Short, commented:


“The UK housing market is booming – prices are up 13% on the year and demand is hitting all time highs. Moving forward, the market is showing little sign of slowing and while a small number of buyers may have postponed their search now that the stamp duty holiday has ended, they will be dipping a foot back in the market very soon.


“All in all, sellers should feel very confident in today’s market, safe in the knowledge that there are plenty of eager buyers out there. But your chances of selling for a better price are even higher if you live in a house with one of the most valuable house numbers attached to it.”