Tims Dairy Greek style Kefir

In a first for the Kefir category, Chiltern Hills based yogurt producer Tims Dairy have launched Greek style Kefir. Available in Natural, and Coconut flavour, it combines the healthy benefits of Kefir with the mild taste and luxury texture of Tims Dairy award-winning Greek style yogurt. These gut friendly, bio-live Kefirs are also lactose free and made using fresh British milk, in full support of UK farmers. They contain natural ingredients and 12 active live cultures. There is no added sugar in the Natural.

In another first for Tims Dairy, each 450g pot is made from 100% recycled PET. Working with UK manufacturer, Faerch UK Ltd, the pot is 100% recycled and recyclable and comes enrobed in a 100% recyclable carton board sleeve and foil lid. The PET pot can be recycled again and again at end of life back into new yogurt pots, and the sleeve and foil lid can be separated into their respective recycling streams.

The Covid crisis has seen a renewed consumer focus on the health benefits of Kefir and bio-live yogurt and an increase in demand for gut friendly foods – and our new Kefir is great for home baking too.

Available in most branches of Waitrose from 26th October RRP £2.20. Also available from Sweeney’s Budgens of Wendover late October.

“The trend for Kefir has grown hugely in the last year, but our research showed that consumers wanted a version that was thicker and creamier. I’m delighted to say that, together with a milder taste, that is exactly what we have achieved” says Managing Director Chris Timotheou.

This Kefir is scrumptious as a snack on its own or goes perfectly with fruit, berries, cereal, and whizzed up with tropical fruits to make a wholesome smoothie. It’s also perfect for gut friendly dressings and stirred into soups, stews or dips.

Tims Dairy are very focused on offering sustainable packaging solutions in their yogurt ranges.  They see recycled PET as the material of choice, as it allows true circularity, ensuring that consumers can recycle their used packaging, which is great news for the environment.