Total value of property market climbs £2.7trn in the last decade

Research by property developer Stripe Property Group, has revealed that in the last decade, the property market across England and Wales has seen £2.7trn added in value, a 67% increase since 2011.

Stripe Property Group analysed data on the number of households across the nation, hot off the press from the latest census, cross referencing the data with house price data, to find the current value of the market and how this has changed since the last census in 2011.

The figures show that in 2011, the total value of the market sat at just over £4trn, with some 23.4m households worth an average of £172,625.

Fast forward to 2021, there are now 1.4m more households across England and Wales worth an average of £271,501. As a result, the total estimated value of the nation’s real estate market sits at a staggering £6.7trn, having increased by 67% in the last ten years – an increase of £2.7trn.


Regional breakdown

London, of course, ranks top where current market value is concerned. The capital’s housing stock is worth £1.7trn in the current market, having also seen the largest monetary increase in the last decade, increasing by £775bn in the last decade.

The East of England has seen the largest percentage increase in total market values, climbing 82% in the last decade to £837.1bn.


Local authority level

At local authority level, Buckinghamshire sits top of the property market table where total value is concerned, with the housing market worth £94.6bn today.

Westminster ranks second (£91.1bn), followed by Kensington and Chelsea (£88.7bn), Birmingham (£87.5bn) and Wandsworth (£84bn).

Buckinghamshire has also seen the largest monetary increase in total market values in the last decade, increasing by £39.7bn since 2011.

In terms of the largest percentage increase, Waltham Forest sits top, where the total value of the market has increased by 130% in the last decade.

The total value of the market has also doubled or more in Newham (113%), Dartford (107%), Barking and Dagenham (105%), Lewisham (103%), Hackney (102%) and Central Bedfordshire (100%).


Managing Director of Stripe Property Group, James Forrester, commented:

“As the results of last year’s census start to come to light, we’re able to get a really concrete view of just how the housing market has changed over the last decade.

“Not only are there now considerably more households than there were ten years ago, but the value of these homes has also increased substantially. As a result, the current value of the housing market today is quite mind boggling and in some areas, this total market value has more than doubled in just 10 years.

“This growth is testament to the strength of the housing market and the safety of investing in bricks and mortar at all levels and it will be fascinating to see where we stand in another 10 years time.”


Data Table

You can view the full data tables online here.