Tracey’s Triumph

I was diagnosed with MS in 2006, it chiefly affects my mobility. I am a member of Chilterns MS Centre in Halton, where I attend for treatment every week.

I was made redundant a couple of years ago from Equitable Life and wanted to start my own business. I took up cake decorating as a hobby last year and was getting so many requests I decided to make that my business in April this year.

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from the BBC Antiques Roadshow, asking me to make a cake for Henry Sandon’s 90th Birthday. He’s a ceramics expert and famously valued a piece now known as Ozzie the Owl, they wanted a model of it on the cake and I had five days to make it.

The reason why I got the call is the Executive Producer of Antiques Roadshow is a friend of a friend and she has seen some of my cakes.

I had never made anything like it so spent time googling and watching YouTube on how to. It was so hot my first cake collapsed in the heat and I had to start from scratch at 11pm on Monday night, but I managed to deliver it on time on Tuesday and it was well received, apparently Henry loved it.

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