Tribute: Roy Collins

Roy was a whizz with cars. His customers trusted him completely which is why they came back to him for help time and time again. His family and friends are still in shock that he was taken from us so unexpectedly but we are all so glad that he spent his time fully with us.

The son of Barry Collins, together they ran associated businesses at Red Rose Garage,  Aylesbury Road, Wendover, HP22 6LB: ‘Barry’s shop, Wendover Motor Spares and Roy’s workshop, Red Rose Garage’… a proper family endeavour, drawing in others to the extended family fold. Even before they set up their business there, the place had history, see  Roy was determined to continue the colourful stories. He sported a multi-coloured mohican when he arrived. His father exuded a reassuring combination of wisdom and Roy added the panache.

Roy was a Buckinghamshire boy, born in the Royal Bucks Hospital, not without difficulty. Like many children, he loved playing with cars but his were taken apart, to see how they worked, and given a respray. Airfix kits kept him busy for hours and helped to build and satisfy his curiosity.

Family holidays were never dull: his father taught him well in ways to bring joy to the world… By taping over the keyholes, piling rubbish bins up outside people’s chalet doorways, and making trick phone calls. Joke shops were irresistible and provided the resources necessary to brighten the lives of those round him. As soon as he could take his driving test, he did. He passed. And the very next day, while enthusiastically driving his mini, managed to write it off. 

It was obvious that Roy would work with cars, and given the strong bond between him and his Dad, they inevitably ended up working together.
Just like his father, Roy had a generous heart and always went the extra mile to help others when he could. 

 Outside work, Roy was not one to sit in front of the telly – he needed to be outside in the fresh air, ideally doing something physical, and he threw himself into whatever it was at the time: paddleboarding, jetskiing, surfing, drag racing or kite surfing.

But he made time for more relaxing pursuits too – he was in the bowling league with sister Julie. He loved fishing. His painting was skilful – airbrushed jackets and guitars being a speciality. He squeezed more into his 55 years than others manage in a longer lifetime.

 Whatever Roy did, he tried his best… and although he was imperfect, like all of us, he leaves a legacy of affection, joy, respect, generosity, and mischievous fun; …memories to sustain us, as we know that the world is a poorer place without him.

Roy’s family would like to thank all the friends and neighbours who lined Aylesbury Road on 30 August. The cortège was an amazing line up of motor bikes and cars, including friends from drag racing days, an astonishing sight to see. They followed him from Red Rose Garage in Aylesbury Road all the way to Bierton Crematorium. Everyone thought it was a most fitting send off.

Roy’s mother, sister and nephews plan to continue running the business in memory of Barry and Roy.