Tribute to Alan Walters MBE

County Councillor Alan Walters MBE, who represented the Beaconsfield division, died on Sunday. He was 71.

Alan, elected to Buckinghamshire County Council in May, served on the Transport, Environment and Communities Select Committee, and the Finance, Performance and Resources Select Committee, and the Rights of Way Committee.

He was a County Council representative on the Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Fire Authority, and was the driving force behind reviving the Beaconsfield Forum, which he saw as a good meeting point for community groups and local councillors to work together on a wide range of local issues.

Leader Martin Tett said: “I knew Alan for many years in his role at both the Town and District Councils and always admired his immense dedication to the people of Beaconsfield. He was a ‘larger than life’ character with a big heart and a strong passion for public service. Alan became a County Councillor at this May’s election. In a few short months since then he had already made a impact. He will be sorely missed at the County Council by all his colleagues and friends.”