Why don’t you take part in the upcycle/recycle challenge?

Who knew that a tired old suitcase could be reinvented as a unique display case? Or that some unwanted clothes that have seen better days could come back to life as a custom-made cat bed?

The presenters of the Mix 96 Breakfast Show got creative recently when they took up a challenge set for them by Buckinghamshire County Council to upcycle a number of items donated to the South Bucks Hospice shops at the Household Recycling Centre in Aston Clinton and High Heavens (High Wycombe).

Ben Moseby and Nia Visser were each given a range of items including old picture frames, clothing and a suitcase and asked to bring them to life again in a fun and useful way. Throughout the week the presenters posted updates and shared their progress with listeners and fans before presenting their final creations.

The fun challenge formed part of a serious message about recycling and reusing which aims to raise awareness of the importance of taking a more responsible attitude to our unwanted goods.

Bucks residents already have a good track record of recycling. Last month the Household Recycling Centres in Aston Clinton and High Heavens received a staggering 4,600+ items ranging from toys and bikes to furniture and electrical goods. All items received are carefully checked and cleaned and made available for sale, with the money raised going to the South Bucks Hospice.

Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment said: “It is great news that many of our residents have fully embraced the recycling and re-use way of living and are doing what they can to minimise the amount of waste that they throw in the bin.

“This challenge was just a bit of fun but it sends out a serious message about how we must all take responsibility for our waste. Many things we no longer need can be put to good use by someone else in another way so lets make sure we all do our bit.”

The re-use shops at Aston Clinton and High Heavens are currently open from 9am to 4pm every day.