Update on RAF Halton’s Conservation Team Work

Dave Short, British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Ringer Trainer, reported:

“We have been incredibly busy putting up boxes and now the hard work starts with monitoring them.

Since my last report, we have had two more volunteers from the RAF who have volunteered for me to train them as bird ringers within the BTO. So welcome to FS George Allen (22TrgGp-CTS) and Cpl Fiona Rotherham RTS, who I know that once their licences come through they will be busy as it looks like a good start to the breeding season. See the photograph of one of the Halton boxes with a female Blue Tit brooding her chicks also picture of chicks when she went to feed.”

Nesting boxes: “So far approximately 70% of the nest boxes put up around the station have been taken up with either Blue tits or Great Tits. The largest clutch of eggs found so far has been 10 in a Blue Tit box and 8 in a Great Tit box.”

Great Crested Newts: “There have been two visits carried out so far with one showing eight females and six males. On visit two there was 15 females and nine males, so not only good breeding for the birds but also the Great Crested Newts.”

For more information or if you are interested in joining the conservation team you can contact Dave in the MT section.