Use of Traffic Lights – A413 – Wendover

I’m emailing regarding the contractor-operated traffic lights on the A413 just outside Wendover Dean.  These should not be used during rush hour traffic and certainly not so liberally – the contractors benefitting from the use of these lights are just a mere handful in comparison to the hundreds of people using the A413 every day.  It’s selfish.

The knock-on impact of these waits causes traffic build-ups all the way into Wendover and down the Wendover by-pass (I wonder if these extra car emissions are being counted towards HS2’s apparently ‘positive’ climate impact?).

Twinned with the road closure on the Ellesborough Road (for three weeks!), the use of these traffic lights is causing even further delays.

You need to better coordinate your use of road restrictions and closures.  HS2 has caused enough problems and upset for the local community (please feel free to read the comments on the local Wendover Facebook page; perhaps that might instil some compassion in this money-wasting project).

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss this further.