Vale of Aylesbury Plan

Following the announcement of a consultation period for the Vale of Aylesbury Plan, to clarify my position, I issue the following statement;

I confirm that at the next cabinet and council meeting the only vote on the Vale of Aylesbury Plan will be approval for the draft plan to go out to consultation. This needs to be approved so that we in Wendover and Halton can put a case as to why we cannot sustain 800 extra houses for reasons we are all aware of i.e. lack of infrastructure including school places, overloading doctors surgeries and the road network, and the loss of green belt which will lead to coalescence between Wendover and Halton.

Therefore the timetable is as follows; the June Council meeting will vote to approve that the draft goes out to consultation, the December Council meeting will vote to adopt the plan. Therefore, I will vote for the plan to go out to consultation so that we can prepare our arguments against the proposals for Wendover and Halton as they are stated at the moment (I am more than happy to work with both Parish Councils in preparing a case against the current proposals for Wendover and Halton). Then when the plan comes to Council in December, if the plan is not as we in Wendover and Halton would wish, I will abstain. The Vale needs a plan to protect against opportunistic applications but I could not support the effect 800 houses would have on Wendover and Halton.

To see the draft plan click here

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