Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan reaches last stages

The Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) is now close to being finalised.  Following the last phase of independent scrutiny, Inspector Paul Clark has now officially closed the Examination into the VALP and has recommended that Buckinghamshire Council should adopt the plan. The Council will decide whether to adopt the plan at the next full council meeting on 15 September.

The VALP allocates land for 30,134 new homes mostly concentrated around Aylesbury with other sites at Buckingham, Winslow, Haddenham and adjacent to Milton Keynes. The Inspector is satisfied that this meets local housing needs and falls within current government guidelines for determining what that local need is.

The plan also sets out where essential infrastructure such as roads, schools and facilities which will support the new homes will be needed, as well as where there will be new employment sites. It also contains policies to protect the natural environment and built heritage as well as policies relating to climate change such as providing EV charging in new homes.

Work on the VALP started in 2014 and went through three stages of public consultation before it went to a nationally appointed independent Inspector in 2018. There were then two hearing sessions where people who objected to the plan could make their case for changes to the plan directly to the independent Inspector. The Inspector also looked closely at all the evidence sent to him by objectors and the Council before writing his full report. His report is final and cannot be amended.

Councillor Gareth Williams Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration commented: “If adopted, we will have an up to date plan to shape development in the north and central parts of the council’s area, giving us  more control.  It will help ensure  we can shape future development in the way we want and where we want it to be”.

The plan is due to be considered first by the council’s Cabinet on 13 September and then at a meeting of the full Council on 15 September. If adopted the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan will remain in force until it is superseded by the new Buckinghamshire Local Plan in 2025.

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