I am writing to express my shock to hear that somebody hurled a brick through the window of the car used by the Children’s Centre. The Children’s centre provides a valuable resource to families like ours in the village and the car is used by staff not only to move equipment and staff members around but also allows them to provide a taxi service for children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend certain sessions.

This mindless act of vandalism would have put the car out of action for as long as it took to fix the window and a staff member away from regular duties as they took it to be mended. The car is not only used at the Wendover centre but other centres in the local area too so there would have been a knock on effect.

I’m really saddened that a low cost high value resource available to young families has suffered at the hands of some bored and stupid individual(s) who have nothing better to do than cause damage for kicks. The Children’s centre is run by Barnados as a charity, often relying on donations and volunteers so I am sure that they can little afford extra outgoings like this.

No doubt there are many other families in Wendover who appreciate the brilliant service provided by the team there and who would echo my thoughts. Let’s hope this never happens again.