Volunteer Drivers

In addition to being a Warden as part of the Good Neighbourhood Scheme on Princess Mary Gate, where demand for help was far lower than anticipated (which is no bad thing!), I also agreed to take on the role of a volunteer driver. Through this I have had the pleasure of meeting up with the Sweeney Budgen’s team – Al (left) and Simeon (right) – to load up the many bags of shopping for delivery to the “shielded or self-isolating“ in Wendover and surrounding villages.  It was also great to meet Dary (owner; far right) who fully supports and provides staffing for this valuable service.

We all have all embraced and enjoyed this experience but we are really looking forward to the day when we will get to bump into the great people we talk to or meet every week back into the Wendover Budgens store.  When it is finally safe to do so.

I personally have had fun finding all the “hidden places” around the area. The chance to meet some very friendly, welcoming and smiling new faces and getting to know the Sweeney Budgen’s very friendly, welcoming and smiling staff has been wonderful!

Julie Bruce, Princess Mary Gate